Keystone 110W LED Xpander

Keystone DirectDrive HID LED lamps are the ideal way to upgrade existing HID fixtures to the latest in LED technology. Simply bypass the existing ballast by cutting the wires and connecting the 120-277V line voltage directly to the sockets. No ballast or external driver is required.

  • Integral Keystone Driver
  • Operating Temperature: -29ºC/-20ºF to 60ºC/140ºF
  • Environmentally Friendly: No Mercury Used
  • Ideal for Wallpack Retrofit Applications
  • Optomized for Horizontal Applications with Directional Light Output from Opening LED Assembly Construction
  • Mogul EX39 Rotatable base for universal fit
  • Uses Samsung LEDs
  • Up to 70% Energy Savings Over Existing HID Applications
  • Integrated Heat Sink Quickly Dissipates Heat and Guides Any Water Intrusion Out of the Lamp
  • 5 year warranty
  • UL Listed
Catalog Number Lamp
Metal Halide
Equivalent Wattage
Lumens Color
CRI Efficacy DLC
Spec Sheet
KT-LED27HID-H-EX39-830-D 27W 100W 3,900 3000K >85 144 lm/W NO Download
KT-LED27HID-H-EX39-840-D 27W 100W 4,000 4000K >85 148 lm/W NO Download
KT-LED27HID-H-EX39-850-D 27W 100W 4,100 5000K >85 152 lm/W NO Download
KT-LED45HID-H-EX39-830-D 45W 175W 6,200 3000K >85 138 lm/W NO Download
KT-LED45HID-H-EX39-840-D 45W 175W 6,300 4000K >85 140 lm/W NO Download
KT-LED45HID-H-EX39-850-D 45W 175W 6,400 5000K >85 142 lm/W NO Download
KT-LED80HID-H-EX39-840-D 80W 250W/320W 9,900 4000K >85 124 lm/W YES Download
KT-LED80HID-H-EX39-850-D 80W 250W/320W 10,000 5000K >85 125 lm/W YES Download
KT-LED110HID-H-EX39-840-D 110W 400W 13,700 4000K >85 125 lm/W YES Download
KT-LED110HID-H-EX39-850-D 110W 400W 14,000 5000K >85 127 lm/W YES Download



Keystone 45W LED Xpander
Keystone 45W LED Xpander