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The WSX Family of wall switch occupancy sensors provides simple and cost effective solutions forcommercial and residential lighting control applications. All WSX Family sensors have a stylish low profileappearance, soft-click buttons, and provide small motion detection up to 20 ft (6.10 m), making themperfect for private offices, private rest rooms, closets, copy rooms, or any other small enclosed space.Additionally, all WSX Family sensors have a patent-pending wiring method that enables them to functioneither with or without a neutral connection. WSX units come pre-configured for wiring without a neutral,however if connection to neutral is required by code, contractors can convert the unit in seconds.

Standard Features

Compatible w/LEDs, electronic & magnetic ballasts, CFLs, & incandescents
100% passive detection, no potential for interference with other building systems
Small motion detection to 20ft
Push-button programmable without removing coverplate - adjustable time delays & operating modes
Dual technology (PDT) utilizes PIR/Microphonics™ detection (patented)
Self-grounding mounting strap
Device accomodates powering over ground or neutral connection (patent pending)
Ultra low current leakage (<0.5mA) when connected via ground
Fully meets NEC 2011 Section 404.2C neutral requirements - no current leakage to ground when connected to neutral
Programmable with SensorSwitch VLP app or traditional pushbutton, refer to ordering information for availability
Line power and load wires are interchangeable - impossible to wire backwards (patented)
Integrated Photocell (disabled by default) prevents light from turning on if sufficient daylight is present — not available in Nightlight versions
Vandal resistant lens


Size: 2.74”H x 1.68”W x 1.63”D (not including ground strap)

Weight: 5 oz

Mounting: Single gang switch box

Mounting Height: 30-48 in

Maximum Load/Pole: (Relay) 800W @ 120VAC, 1200W @ 277VAC, 1500W @ 347VAC

Minimum Load: None

Motor Load: 1/4 HP

Frequency: 50/60 Hz (timers are 1.2x for 50Hz)

Temperature Rating: 0°C-60°C

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