Morris Gen4 Flood


Standard Generation 4 LED area lights/floods

The perfect light for outdoor general area lighting. Constructed of a die cast aluminium housing with powder coat finish, polycarbonate lens, and stainless steel hardware the Morris Gen 4 area light is durable and corrosion resistant. Modular mounting bracket system adapts to a wide range of surfaces, brackets, or existing apparatus.

Available wattages: 80-300W
Available Beams: Nema Type III, IV, and V distribution patterns.
  • Area Light Shoebox Gen 4 features include:

    • SMD3030 LEDs
    • Integral Cooling Fin releases heat efficiently to maintain the life of LEDs & LED Driver
    • Corrosion Resistant Die Cast Aluminum housing
    • Polycarbonate Lens - Directed Optics
    • Superior Architectural Powder Coat Finish
    • Housing Color: Bronze
    • Stainless Steel Hardware
    • Color Temperature: 5000K Cool White
    • Power Factor: >.9
    • Twist Lock Receptacle & Shorting Cap Included
    • Photocontrol must be purchased separately - Cat# 39106
    • Mounts Sold Separately:
        74038C - Trunnion Mount Bronze for 80-300W Fixtures
        74032A - Pole Arm Mount Bronze for 80-300W Fixtures
        74034A - Slipfitter Mount Bronze for 80-300W Fixtures
        74043A - Universal Mount Bronze for 80-300W Fixtures
        74733C - Yoke Mount Bronze for 60-100W Fixtures
        74036C - Yoke Mount Bronze for 150-200W Fixtures
        74737C - Yoke Mount Bronze for 240-300W Fixtures
    • Accessories sold Separately:
        74072C - Microwave Motion Sensor
        74188B - Microwave Motion Sensor Remote (Optional)
        75092C - Glare Shield Bronze For 80W-100W Fixtures
        75093C - Glare Shield Bronze for 150W-200W Fixtures
        75089C - Glare Shield Bronze for 240W-300W Fixtures
    • 50,000+ Hour LED Life Expectancy
    • Voltage: 120/208/240/277V
    • Dimming: 0-10V
    • Light Pattern: Type III, Type IV or Type V
    • Operating Temperature: -22°F To 122°F
    • IP65 (NEMA 4X) Dust & Water Tight
    • cULus Listed for Wet Locations
    • DLC Listed
    • 5 Year Warranty
Cat No Spec Sheet Voltage Light
Watts Color Temp Housing
Per Watt
Metal Halide
74079C 120-277V Type III 80W 5000K Bronze 11,527 144 175W
74080C 120-277V Type IV 80W 5000K Bronze 11,915 147 175W
74045C 120-277V Type V 80W 5000K Bronze 11,416 141 175W
74002C 120-277V Type III 100W 5000K Bronze 14,242 142 250W
74003C 120-277V Type IV 100W 5000K Bronze 14,096 141 250W
74050C 120-277V Type V 100W 5000K Bronze 13,765 137 250W
74010C 120-277V Type III 150W 5000K Bronze 21,606 144 400W
74011C 120-277V Type IV 150W 5000K Bronze 20,580 139 400W
74053C 120-277V Type V 150W 5000K Bronze 20,977 139 400W
74056C 120-277V Type III 200W 5000K Bronze 27,640 138 600W
74058C 120-277V Type IV 200W 5000K Bronze 26,647 134 600W
74060C 120-277V Type V 200W 5000K Bronze 26,842 134 600W
74018C 120-277V Type III 240W 5000K Bronze 35,298 147 750W
74019C 120-277V Type IV 240W 5000K Bronze 34,463 145 750W
74066C 120-277V Type V 240W 5000K Bronze 33,809 141 750W
74026C 120-277V Type III 300W 5000K Bronze 44,053 146 1000W
74027C 120-277V Type IV 300W 5000K Bronze 40,452 134 1000W
74069C 120-277V Type V 300W 5000K Bronze 42,083 140 1000W