Lithonia 2x4 LED STACK

The STACK Switch troffer delivers soft, glare-free, ambient lighting in a popular center-basket design. The slim profile of the luminaire, coupled with energy-saving LED technology make the STACK switch an ideal choice for renovation or new construction. The STACK switch troffer offers a high-quality, cost-effective LED lighting solution for schools, offices, retail, healthcare facilities and other commercial spaces. With its three Adjustable Lumen Outputs (ALO) and three Switchable Color Temperatures (SWW) both conveniently located on the driver box, STACK Switch replaces the need to stock nine skews with just one!

Available sizes: 2x2, & 2x4

Field selectable color temperature: 3500K, 4000K, or 5000K

Field selectable light output: 3000/4000/5000 lumens


The reflector is finished with a glare reducing matte white paint for improved aesthetics and increased light diffusion. End plates contain easy-to-position integral T-bar clips for securely attaching the luminaire to the T-grid. For additional T-grid security, optional screw on T-bar clips are available. Diffusers are extruded from impact modified acrylic for increased durability. LED boards are accessible from the room-side, and drivers are accessible from the plenum.


Long-life LEDs, coupled with high-efficiency drivers, provide superior quantity and quality of illumination for extended service life. 80% LED lumen maintenance at 60,000 hours (L80/60,000). 0-10 volt dimming driver. Dims to 10%.


Integrated lumen and color switching module is easily accessible, and mounted on the driver box on the back of the fixture. Simply adjust the toggle switch for low, medium, and high setting of both lumens and color.

Lithonia Lumen and Color Selector Switches 


With a depth of only 1.9", the STACK Switch makes for an easy installation, especially in restrictive plenum applications. The STACK Switch fits into standard 15/16" and narrow 9/16" T-grid ceiling systems. Suitable for damp location.

Model Number Size Lumen Output Color Temperature
STAKS-2X2-ALO3-SWW7 2X2 3000/4000/5000 3500/4000/5000K
STAKS-2X4-ALO6-SWW7 2X4 4000/5000/6000 3500/4000/5000K