AFC Luminary Cable

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Type RW reduced wall aluminum flexible conduit is a UL® Listed raceway of circular cross-section made of helically wound, interlocked aluminum strip. Suitable for use in exposed and concealed location, the primary use is to provide a final 6 feet or less of raceway between a more rigid raceway system and equipment that moves, shakes, or vibrates. Examples of such equipment include pump motors and industrial machinery.


  • Lightweight Reduced Wall Aluminum Flexible Conduit
  • Premium aluminum alloy
  • Interlocking design


  • Flexible metal raceway for electrical power, control and communication cables
  • Motor leads
  • Listed assemblies
  • Listed wire fixtures
  • Manufactured wiring systems

References & Ratings

  • UL 1, UL 1479, File Reference E11831, CSA File Number 15035, CSA C22.2 No. 56 (trade size 3/8 only)
  • Federal Specification WW-C–566C, (now superseded by UL 1)
  • NEC® 250.118(5), 300.22(C), 348, 430.223, 501.10(B)(2), 645.5
  • Cable Tray installations per NEC®
  • Environmental Air-Handling space installation NEC® 300.22(C)
  • UL Classified 1, 2 and 3-hour Through-Penetration Fire Systems UL File R14141