Lighting Services

Our business means we need to recycle 10's of thousands of used lamps every year. Our massive scale means we get a good deal on lamp recycling and we pass those low prices on to all of our customers. We are the lowest priced lamp recycler in Fond du Lac County and perhaps greater Wisconsin.Lamp Recycling

Our Recycling Service:

  • We can supply 4ft & 8ft barrels for storage and transportation.
  • We pick-up in the following counties:
    • Fond du Lac
    • Winnebago
    • Calumet
    • Green Lake
    • Dodge
    • Washington
    • Sheboygan
  • We accept the following products:
    • All shapes of fluorescent lamps (including UV and germicidal)
    • HID (Metal Halide, High & Low Pressure Sodium, Mercury Vapor)
    • Incandescent
    • Ballasts
    • Capacitors
    • Lead Acid Batteries (excluding automotive)
    • We can recycle alkaline batteries but be advised it is fairly expensive

Whether you have a layout and fixture schedule from an engineer or you need a lighting layout designed, we can do it. In our 30 years of business we've supplied materials for building projects as far away as Russia. We work with all of the major rep agencies in the mid-west so we can supply a broad range of brands to deliver full job quotes. We can also "value engineer" jobs should the budget not support the specifications.

What we do:

  • We do take-offs for Electrical Contractors drived from supplied drawings.
  • We provide fixture spec packages for Electrical Contractors.
  • We supply approval drawings for Architechs and Engineers.
  • We design lighting layouts based on footcandle requirements.
  • We can provide point-by-point lighting layouts.
  • We can design Paths of Egrees that meet State code requirements.
  • We can stage material in our warehouses so it's ready when you are.

Projects We've Done:

JF Ahern Office Agnesian Healthcare
Agnesian Surgery Procedure Room
Holy Family Fond du Lac

Currently Underway - National Exchange
Picture coming Soon!

Currently Underway  - Badger Liquor
Picture coming Soon!



Riley Electrical Supply is Central Wisconsin's leader in energy efficient lighting for the commercial and industrial markets.

For over 30 years we have been supplying customers with the best lighting products and services designed for maximum performance while delivering unsurpased return on investment. Working with YOUR electrical contractor we design and supply a new or retro-fit lighting system installed and maintained by people you know and trust. We are experts at utilizing available financial incentives from Wisconsin Focus on Energy and your local utility provider to bring you the most affordable package possible.

What we do:

  • Meet with you to determine project goals and priorities.
  • Audit existing lighitng system and hours of operation.
  • Design lighting layouts that acheive goals.
  • Offer programmable or automated control options when desired.
  • Collaborate with the electrical contractor of your choice to provide installation.
  • Source products that best meet your application from the top lighting manufacturers.
  • Provide demo fixtures to install at your facility.
  • Utilize Focus on Energy incentives and utility programs to maximum effect.
  • Present a proposal including calculated energy savings and return on investment.


Projects We've done:

Industrial and Warehouse

Poly One Ripon
Mid-states Aluminum


Automotive & Parking Lot

Holiday Auto Service Bay
Fond du Lac Children's Museum


School and Church

Omro School Gymnasium
Marian University Gym Fond du Lac High School


Healthcare & Office

JF Ahern Office Agnesian Healthcare
Agnesian Surgery Procedure Room



Hansen's Convenience Store
Piggly Wiggly